19 Apr, 2017

Hotel & Lodging, Apartment Associations join the fight for competition in title insurance.

19 Apr, 2017

April 13th, 2017 – Today, two prominent trade associations threw their weight behind the push for title insurance reform. The Texas Apartment Association (TAA) and the Texas Hotel & Lodging Association (THLA) announced support for bringing competition and transparency to the title insurance market, something both organizations believe will result in lower costs for Texas consumers.

“Texas is a state that prides itself in its core commitment to a free market system and a belief in competition. But there remain in our state pockets of anti-competitive behavior, which includes the state’s archaic regulatory system for title insurance, where the state sets a single rate” said THLA President Scott Joslove in a letter sent to House Insurance Committee Chairman Larry Phillips in support of the reform bill. “This legislation provides much needed accountability and transparency regarding the statutorily mandated costs of purchasing a property be it a residential home or a commercial property.”

Read the full THLA letter to Chairman Phillips HERE

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