Retired Senator Eddie Lucio, Jr. Joins Texans for Free Enterprise

Lucio will join a team of advisors, including former Senate Education Chairman Larry Taylor, to lift up the voices of parents who want more of a role in their children’s education.

March 1, 2023

Texans for Free Enterprise (TFE), a nonpartisan organization dedicated to advancing policies that empower consumers and drive innovation, is proud to welcome retired Senator Eddie Lucio, Jr. to serve as an advocate for schoolchildren and parents who want more of a role in choosing the education that best fits their needs.

“I have had the privilege of representing families in South Texas who want to provide the best educational opportunities for their children, and I’m thankful to be able to continue fighting for them and all Texas families, because every child deserves a quality education,” said Lucio. “We have a great public education system, but parents deserve more options to make the best decision for their children.” A Democrat from Brownsville, Senator Lucio is a dedicated public servant and a champion of educational opportunities for all Texas students. He has been a vocal advocate for the state’s public education system to provide more choice and greater flexibility for students and parents alike. His commitment to promoting a better education system in Texas aligns perfectly with the mission of Texans for Free Enterprise.

During his tenure as a senator, Lucio passed several measures to improve education in Texas, including bills that increased funding for public schools and expanded the state’s dual-credit program. He has also worked to provide resources for low-income students to help them succeed academically and has championed legislation to improve teacher retention and training.

“We are excited to have Senator Lucio on board to help us raise awareness of the need for parents to have more options in their children’s education,” said Doug Deason, chairman of Texans for Free Enterprise. “Senator Lucio is one of the most respected people I know, and I’m proud to call him a friend and to have a chance to work with him to elevate the voices of children and parents, who deserve greater transparency, respect and choices in meeting their education needs.”

Lucio’s former colleague in the Texas Senate, TFE Senior Advisor Larry Taylor, echoed Deason’s praise for Lucio. “Senator Lucio has one of the biggest hearts in Texas, and his passion for improving the lives of young Texans has been an inspiration for all. I’m honored to be able to continue working with him, to prioritize the needs of students and parents above all else.”


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