Texas House: Please vote no on any anti-parental choice amendments to the budget

April 6, 2023

A vote during the budget process to forbid state funding for programs that put parents in charge of their children’s education, would be a vote to attempt to stop the debate, and stop the discussion. We urge you to vote no on any amendment that attempts to diminish parents’ role in their children’s education.

Parents across our state have been waiting for the Texas Legislature to thoughtfully consider how best to improve public education. They care about their public schools and the teachers who are critical to their children’s learning. But for some parents, they want a choice to find an education option that better fits their kids’ needs.

We have been grateful to have engaged in discussions with many members of the House who either support, oppose, or are undecided as to how and if Texas should give parents greater control over their children’s education. But one thing was consistent among these conversations – nearly everyone welcomed the debate and pledged to keep an open mind.

Please afford parents the respect they have earned, and offer respect for the legislative process, by holding a policy debate in committee where it belongs, and not on the floor in a spending bill without testimony from the parents affected by such a decision.

If you wish to learn more about the benefits of giving parents greater options for their children’s education, we encourage you to watch this helpful video by PragerU, which demonstrates the overwhelming public support, as well as the improvements in student performance in both public and private schools, after choice is implemented.

Thank you for your consideration, and please let us know if we can provide further information.

Doug Deason
Chairman, Texans for Free Enterprise

See PDF of Deason’s letter

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