Statement by TFE Chairman Doug Deason on votes by the Senate and House on school choice

April 6, 2023

Today was a win for Texas schoolchildren and parents. The Texas Senate passed legislation that would provide nearly 90% of Texas schoolchildren access to an Education Savings Account, which would make it the largest parental choice program in the nation. Lt. Governor Patrick and Chairman Creighton deserve tremendous credit for their sustained and principled leadership in making sure that parents are the ultimate decision makers in their children’s education.

On the same day the Senate passed a significant measure, the House held its first meaningful discussion on school choice in more than a generation. Despite the vote outcome, anyone who watched the exchange on the floor would have been impressed that the debate was respectful, and that the vote count significantly improved from previous sessions. While we have a lot of work to do, we are confident that the chamber can craft a bill that addresses their concerns and gives parents a greater role in their children’s education. We are grateful for Governor Abbott’s active support, and for Chairman Buckley’s thoughtful defense of the process in order to give parents a chance to be heard in committee. We look forward to Tuesday’s hearing.


See PDF of statement.

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