Statement by Doug Deason, Chairman of Texans for Free Enterprise, on HB1 committee passage and SB1 Senate passage

November 10, 2023

We are thankful to see the Legislature taking preliminary action in heeding Governor Abbott’s call for school choice, but it’s too early to celebrate. We are grateful for the leadership shown by Chairman Buckley in working with his committee to send HB1 to the full House, and thank the members who voted to keep the debate going and give the measure a chance to be heard on the floor. The Senate has again earned the praise of parents for swiftly passing SB1, led by Lt.
Governor Patrick and Chairman Brandon Creighton, and the measure is now in the House.

We look forward to a spirited debate on the House floor, something parents across Texas deserve. As the Legislature has heard during the countless hearings on this topic this year, while many parents think their local public school serves their children’s needs, there are ample stories of parents who struggle to find the right learning environment for their children.

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